GREIF Metallbearbeitung - stainless steel from Saxony

Our half-inferiour company with domicile in the Saxon precision place Müglitztal was founded in 2013 and is located south of Dresden, few kilometer away from the world-famous clock town Glashütte. As a child of Volker Uhlig Metallbearbeitung GmbH we can acces on more than a century experience in the field of metallic materials.

The business GREIF Metallbearbeitung GmbH has concentrated itself on the processing of austenitic steel. Our core competence comprehends the fabrication of welded assemblies by dint of the TIG and MIG principle. Formed products and chipped parts we can produce in the company as well. By the use of CAD-software and FE-methods constructive duties are handled increasingly.
Our business activities are manifold!

Don't shrink from a request after extraordinary jobs or custom-made products. We determine efficient manufacturing technologies and support in enhancements of your parts.
We believe in us and our products!

Just-In-Time is not a problem, absolute delivery reliability has got highest priority and is counted among to the strength of GREIF Metallbearbeitung GmbH. Long-term, we accommodate our production to your inventory.
You can bank on our abilities!

We are aim to be on the same wavelength with our customer.
A close cooperation is very necessary to us!

Thank you for the interest in our company.